Hunting Knives
I am fortunate to live in a rural area where hunting is a major pastime. A good knife means the difference between frustration or pleasure when cleaning game. I strive to create the best tools for the job that I can and along the way create a tool of beauty, that pride of ownership justifies the higher price than store bought brands.


Model #29's
3 1/2" blade 8 1/2" O.A.L.
Handles - Bocote/Walnut & ivory micarta

Model #47

Model #41's
2 1/2" blade 6" O.A.L.
Handle - Elephant Ivory & Mesquite Burl, Two different style of Sheaths

Model #36
4 1/4" D-2 blade, 9 1/8" O.A.L.
Handle - black & turquoise micarta

Model #40
3" ATS-34 Blade, 7 1/4" O.A.L.
Handle -polished marron & natural micarta

Whitetail Antler-Handled Hunter
4 1/2" blade 9 1/2" O.A.L.




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